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Veterans 1st Electric Services, LLC

When I retired in 2012 from a 25-year military career, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I assumed the natural trajectory was gaining employment in a field where my master's degree would be helpful. However, after a few painful years of county politics, I realized it was not suited for me. While I believed I was a policy maker, I soon realized I was a better problem solver.

With 12 of my Military years being served as a missile system repairman, I had developed a keen talent for the electrical theory of operation and how to solve electrical issues. While electrical work had been just a hobby for me, it became evident that I was better at my hobby than my job, so I enrolled in trade school and landed several positions in the field to sharpen my sword.

Today we have provided excellent premium remodeling and service work to hundreds of happy customers. With Veterans 1st Electric Services, my goal is to provide our customers with loyal, trustworthy, and reliable electrical service work at a reasonable rate. As a veteran, I was part of a team that offered 1st rate services to our Nation; as the owner of Veterans 1st Electric Service, I will strive to be 1st in Customer Service and 2nd to none in meeting your home's electrical needs.

Thank You for your business

The Sarge!

May God Bless You and Our Great Country!

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